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The Roaches where Buzzards fly and Wallabies may still roam. The Roaches (or Roches) is a wind-carved outcrop of gritstone rocks straddling the parishes of Leekfrith and Heathylee in the Peak District National Park about 4 miles north of Leek, Staffordshire and 8 miles south of Buxton, Derbyshire. See Google Earth image and Find us

HEADLINES -updated 20 Sept 2017. SITE 20 Sept 2017

A SIGHTING OF A WALLABY AT WINCLE on 16 Sept 2017 with a photo!! more

3,500 year old urn found buried on the Roaches more
ANOTHER POSSIBLE SIGHTING OF A WALLABY! on 26 Apr 2015 at the rear of the Roaches near Hazelbarrow

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The name Roaches has evolved recently from 'Roches' as the area used to be known only 100 years (or less) ago. 'Roches' is the french word for rocks.

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  • View  along the ridge towards Hen Cloud View along the ridge towards Hen Cloud The Roaches used to be owned by the Brocklehurst family who resided at Swythamley Hall. Sir Phillip Brocklehurst, who was involved in Shackleton's journey to the South Pole, died in 1976 and the estate was sold off. The Peak District National Park bought the area now know as the Roaches. It is now managed by the Staffordshire Wildlife trust
  • Wallaby pictured 29 March 2009 Wallaby pictured 29 March 2009 For many years, from the 1930s to the early 2000s, a fairly large group of Wallabies roamed the Roaches. We believed that the last had died around 2011 but there has been a new sighting in 2014. They had been released from a private zoo at Roaches Hall. 3 Yaks were also released but they died out in the 1950s. I am building a library of memories of the Wallabies and Yaks. See the 'Wallabies' page for details
  • Rock Climbing on the Roaches Rock Climbing on the Roaches There has been rock climbing on the Roaches since the turn of the 20th century. Access to the Rocks was a problem for the early pioneers, Hen Cloud in particular was difficult with armed gamekeepers patrolling the area. The Roaches has something for all abilities from Moderate to Extemely Severe.


The Roaches area includes Hen Cloud, so named perhaps because with a little imagination it looks like a roosting hen. The name could also have been derived from the Anglo -Saxon 'Henge Clud' meaning steep cliff. Also Ramshaw Rocks which includes the weird rock formation called the Winking Man.

The Roaches website has received an email from Dr Derek Yalden who has been studying the wallabies on the Roaches for 40 years. To see his potted history of the wallabies go to the Wallaby memories page here. This is well worth reading.
Dr Derek Yalden, an emminent zoologist, died on Feb 5th 2013. RIP Dr Yalden

The last photo confirmed sighting of a Wallaby was by David Hobson of Buxton at Hanging Stone on August 2nd 2009. See photo and short videos on Wallabies page.

I am trying to build up a library of memories of the Wallabies and Yaks. See the memories and wallabies pages.


Want to know the weather on the Roaches? click here This weather station is about 2.5miles from the Roaches


Want to know what you are looking at from the Roaches? From Long Mynd to Shutlingsloe. check this website. click here You'll need to click the magnifying glass to get good images.

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