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Walk 4

Circular walk from Roach End to Hanging Stone via Back Forest Ridge, High Forest and Clough Head

Hanging Stone is a rocky outcrop with some interesting history

Total time about 2 to 2.5hours - approx 4miles.

For those who want to use GPS on their phone or other device Matt Vokes provided this .gpx file. You will have to have to sign in to your Google Drive account or register to download it.

If you prefer to get the file from Dropbox then click here

You can view Walk 4 in Google maps here

Directions to Roach End - take the A53 Buxton road from Leek through Blackshaw Moor, past the Three Horseshoes Inn, up the steep hill Cat Tor and at the cross roads just before the Winking Man pub turn left. (This is about 5 miles from leek).Take the next left and soon after the right fork then continue for about 2 miles until you reach a gate across the road. This is Roach End.

Click on the image for a bigger picture

1.Park at Roach End. There is on-road parking for about 20 cars. Please park responsibly and ensure Emergency vehicles can pass.

2.Start the walk by making your way through the gap in the wall then carrying straight on though the small gate next to the five bar gate

3.Continue along the ridge for about 10 mins. At the fork bear right keeping to the ridge path.

4.Continue for a further 10 mins and at the junction carry straight on. The path to the right goes to Lud Church. Along the ridge there are some weird rock formations.

5.Continuing along the ridge you pass through a small gate and after about 20 mins there is a cross roads. Turn left through the small gate onto the lane signposted Swythamley.

6.About 50 metres down the lane turn right through the gap in the wall signposted Hanging Stone.

7.If you look carefully you can see a small gate in the opposite wall of the field. Make for this gate then follow the path round to Hanging Stone. Straight ahead is Gunn Hill and below in the trees is Swythamley Hall. To get here has taken about 50 mins.

8.Take the steps to the right down to the bottom of the rock where you can see the plaques to Burke the dog and Lt Col Courtney Brocklehurst. Click for more info Hanging Stone

9.Carry on down the path to the style at the bottom near the cattle grid. Over the style turn left and after a few metres take the left hand fork. Signposted Gradbach.

10.Carry on up this path past Paddock farm on your right for about 10 mins until you reach a gate. Go through the gap in the wall to the right on to the cross road. Carry straight on, signposted Roach End, parallel to the ridge above.

11.Walk along the path with the ridge above you on the left. You may see grouse in this area. There is a strange stone walled square along this path. Any ideas as to its purpose would be appreciated.

12.About 20 mins from the last signpost there's a five bar gate in the wall with a sign post. Go over the style towards Clough Head.( At this point you can carry straight on and get back onto the Ridge and so to Roach End).

13. Carry on along the concrete track to the end at Clough Head. You can see Clough Head farm which has recently been extended with substantial parts of the property underground. At the cross rds go through the wooden gate ahead then keep to the right close to the wall.

14.Continue along the path, through the five bar gate until you reach the minor road. Turn left up the road.

15.As you go up the road on your right you can see Roach End Farm. Its worth a visit if you have the time and energy. After about 5 minutes you reach a cattle grid across the road and the end of the walk.


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