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Walk 2

Circular walk from Roaches gate to Docksey Pool via Rock hall, the Queen's chair and the south end of the Roaches.

Rock Hall is a stone house built in front of a cave in the Roaches. Docksey Pool is a small tarn high on the Roaches ridge reputed to be bottomless.

Total time about 1hr 15 mins - about 21/2 miles.

For those who want to use GPS on their phone or other device Matt Vokes provided this .gpx file. You will have to have to sign in to your Google Drive account or register to download it.

If you prefer to get the file from Dropbox then click here

You can view Walk 2 in Google maps here

Directions to Roaches gate
Take the A53 Buxton Road from Leek. After about 3 miles you'll pass the Three Horse Shoes Inn on your left. Continue for about another 0.5 miles until you start to climb a steep hill, take the left turn signposted Upperhulme. After about 100metres take left fork. If you reach the Rock Inn you've gone too far. Follow the road through Upper Hulme with the waterfall on your right. Keep to the road as it twists through the factory units for about 1.5miles until you come to lay-bys on your right. Continue round the bend until you come to a bus stop. This is Roaches Gate. There is parking for about 50 cars.

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1.Start the walk by going through the gate and taking the path straight ahead.

2.After about 2 minutes take the rough steps towards Rock Hall. Have a good look around Rock Hall it's quite an odd place.

3.Take the path to the left of Rock Hall into the wood and make for the stone steps. Climb the steps to the upper tier of the Roaches and turn left at the top and take the well worn path through the boulders. At the top of the steps on your left is the Queen's chair. It is right at the edge of a cliff so watch the kids!!

4.After about 5-10mins the path turns up to the right, with a way marker, and more rough steps take you to the top of the Roaches.

5.At the top turn left along the ridge path for about 5-10 mins until you come to Docksey Pool. According to legend this pool is bottomless and its level does not seem to vary however dry the weather.

6.Retrace the path back to the top of the path but then carry on along the ridge until you reach the end.

7.After you've had a look over towards Hen Cloud you need to choose your path down. About 20 metres back from the end there is a path down, this is quite tricky and you need to be fairly agile to jump from rock to rock. A further 20 metres back along the ridge is another path leading down - this is not so obvious as the other path. This path is far easier but still has a couple of challenges. With both paths it is a matter of picking your way down until you reach the path that runs along the valley. You should see a derelict house in the distance at some point.

8. Follow the path towards Hen Cloud until you reach a tee junction with a better path at this point there is a gate in the wall which leads to Hen Cloud. Don't go through the gate but turn right along the path with the wall to your left. After 5-10mins you're back at Roaches Gate.

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